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Your email address will not be published. Pictures would help but that serial number may be from a refurbished guitar. Towards the end of models distributed overseas started to use the same serial number system as those that are distributed in Japan. This article will look at what your Takamine serial number can tell you about your guitar and how to decode that number. Please Enter your Email Address.

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It has a loud brilliant voice that seems to ring forever. Pictures don't do it justice. The sounds that resonate from this instrument are just as expected from a high-end Martin. All strings are equal in intonation and volume.

Any models that were distributed in Japan, as opposed to internationally, used a slightly different serial number system. The harmonics rang out and sustained like a bell. There is no discernable system for G Series models. It has a beautiful, straight and tight grained Sitka spruce top with no flaws in it.

TAKAMINE en10c (an) japan pro natural series solid cedar

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Takamine Guitars Dating Your Takamine

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Detailed explanation of the internal structure of acoustic guitar. There are a couple of different serial number systems depending on which model and depending on where they were made and distributed. The label says Japan, but does that serial number tell me anything? The serial number is so obviously a May built guitar and the th instrument that month.

  1. It has the most amazingly full sound of any string I've ever played.
  2. It can be played loud or soft or anywhere in between without missing a note.
  3. The neck and fingerboard are very comfortable.

There is no mention of this particular model on Takamines website. So, the main thing this serial number will tell you is finding out the month and year of build. Is there any way to identify the guitar from the serial number? My understanding from its serial number it was made October of and the th made that month.

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TAKAMINE en10c (an) japan pro natural series solid cedar acoustic guitar

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It was really great but gave it up for a gift for my new daughter-in-law. No decoding going on here, from unfortunately. The guitar was perfectly adjusted to suit my playing preference and the sound was clean and right on. Thinking it about years old.

  • Use a glass slide and you're in Heaven!
  • This is a guitar I've dreamed of for years and I know I'll always treasure it as long as I live.
  • This guitar even makes me sound good.
  • It has a distinctive sound which I find hard to describe.

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The difference is the first two digits for the year. Even without a professional setup the action on mine is just right allowing barre chords to be played right up the neck. Any help would be appreciated. This is my second Martin Guitar.

Development on Chinese fingerstyle guitar. With the G series you basically have to guess the year, as to where it was made. She's a family member who never lets me down. Otherwise, you should be able to decipher the year, month and the sequence in that month that your guitar was built. Thankfully this is fairly straight forward when it comes to Takamine, though there are, as usual, a few extras.

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It was a return that had been marked down. So not sure what year it is.

The rosewood back and sides are equally beautiful. The black pickguard compliments the beautiful ebony fingerboard and bridge. All I had to do was fine tune the strings and start playing. For a string it plays very easily. You can't go wrong with a Martin and you can't go wrong with Custom Guitars Friend.

Decoding Takamine Serial Numbers

How to Read Briggs & Stratton Date Code

If you have a G Series guitar, you might want to contact Takamine to see what they can tell you about the guitar. The tag on inside of the sound hoLe says takamine made in japan. Takamine serial numbers are typically found on the neck block where the neck joins the body on the inside of the body of the guitar. We intend to purchase this product, would you please send me the quotation and minimum order quantity? Please send me detail product specification, thank you!

How to Read Briggs & Stratton Date Code

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Takamine Review

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It is absolutely the sweetest guitar I'v ever owned, easy on the fingers, fast action, and sounds beautiful in standard tuning and even more lovely G-tuned. The G series is the exception. If you're in the market for a string, and are a fan of Martin guitars, this one surely won't disappoint.

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