36 volt trolling motor hook up, wiring help for minn kota maxum 36v trolling motor

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Doing this regularly will almost certainly shorten your battery life. Stated differently, you can't add the amperage hours from multiple batteries together for additional run time. Are you a Minn Kota Boating Expert? If your trips are more infrequent, the eight to ten hour recharge time offered by a five-amp charger should work just fine. While numbers vary by individual motor, the following chart offers an approximate idea of amperage drawn and battery life by motor size.

  1. How many hours of trolling time does a motor offer?
  2. What do i need for the hook up to a battery?
  3. It will also reduce the chances of running out of trolling power miles from shore!
  4. If installed, a circuit breaker will break the circuit in the event a certain amperage level is reached, cutting power to the motor and preventing a burnout.

Checked the breaker fuse and it's good, tested the wiring with a volt meter couldn't find anything. The pedal got harder to turn left and the motor turns left a lot slower now. Another lead would be run from the negative lead of the third battery to the circuit breaker, completing the circuit back to the motor.

Nearly all twenty-four volt and thirty-six volt motors will include the wiring needed to connect the batteries in series. Your answer needs to include more details to help people. My primary concern is that the lighting will drain my cranking battery. After returning from a longer day on the water, you'll want to recharge your batteries so they're ready for the next outing. Not finding what you are looking for?

Who needs tv in a fish house? Variable speed motors let you set the motor speed exactly where you want it, where fixed speed motors usually have five pre-set speeds you have to choose from. You are correct it is better to have a separate battery system for each.

Positive to neg, In a loop going to the motor. This keeps the battery healthy and charged over time without having a regular, full power charger always connected. If you need exact run times for a specific motor, make sure to request the exact amperage drawn from the manufacturer. Batteries are rated using a metric called amperage hours.

Trolling Motor Plug to Batteries Wire Gauge

No you need a in line fuse. There is no other ground other than the engine block or negative buss at the helm. Pay attention to which battery is used for this. Some day I will have a direct vent heater in the house but its not happening this year.

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Wiring help for minn kota maxum 36v trolling motor

  • Those serious about battery maintenance can purchase a battery tender, a device that continually puts a very small charge into a battery.
  • Whenever I went to crank it would always turn.
  • If you are going to carry the extra battery.

No that is not what I am saying. Anyone have a great combo that just hurts your hands? While a bit misleading, there is some truth in the efficiency claims of larger motors.

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You'll want to make sure your circuit breaker is rated just above the maximum amperage drawn by your motor at max speed. Just hook up your batteries like this. For electric trolling motors do I need to hook any thing else besides hooking the trolling motor to the battery? Just unhook the other batteries before you jump.

Bank fishing in the summer heat. If the extension is shorter than six feet, stories you can use eight-gauge wire without a problem. Grow your fishing skills and improve your angling effectiveness.

When it comes to chargers, there are three basic types you can pick from. Worst case scenario is that I have to pop the cowling and rope start off the flywheel. You are already frustrated by the winds and lack of fish. While you could conceivably charge two or three batteries separately with a single bank charger, it's much more convenient to have all your batteries charged in one session. If the bilge pump runs very often fix the leak in your boat.

Now lets fast forward to the end of your toughest fishing day. Is this enough to start the boat? Transom and bow mount should be the same?

One of the most confusing aspects of selecting a trolling motor is the array of electrical questions that inevitably arise. If you drain the batteries to much with the trolling motor you may not be able to start your outboard. If you put a twenty-four volt or thirty-six volt motor on a boat that only needs a twelve-volt motor, you can operate your trolling motor much longer!

Reasonably priced fuses can be hard to find. Surfer, I try to keep it simple. To achieve the speed you want, you have to go faster than you really need and, subsequently, use more power than you otherwise would with a variable speed motor. Plus if you blow the breaker, you just reset it. Please enter a valid email address.

Even with two batteries rated at amperage hours, the total number of amperage hours available is still - the same as the twelve-volt single battery motor. Once you are certain of that it is time to inspect the switch and wiring and test the voltages. This will cause a voltage drop.

Or carry a jump start box. What type of battery to buy? Apart from battery efficiency benefits, variable speed motors are simply more convenient and are often worth the additional price. My main concern is I just always want to be able to turn the key and go.

One thing to be sure of is using the right gauge of wire. Can I ground the batteries to the hull? If I had both connected to one battery, unusual places then I would definitely use an inline fuse.

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Onboard chargers are fast, convenient and are the most popular type of charger used. Your post was spot on though. It still turns right fine. There are reasonably priced circuit breakers available. More Print this page Share this page.

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